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Michelle Bond, like many of you, was born and raised on Long Island in New York’s First District in Suffolk County – graduating from Miller Place High School and attending classes at SUNY Stony Brook. Now that NY-01’s Representative Lee Zeldin is running for Governor and we have a newly-designed district, Bond is hitting the campaign trail to make sure the needs of the First District are being represented with qualified and responsible conservative leadership in Congress.

When elected, Bond will work to reduce taxes and bureaucracy within the government, knowing that overtaxing businesses and the residents of Long Island reduces economic growth and hurts families. She will work to ensure our community is safe and secure – from economic threats, crime, terrorism and illegal immigration. As Long Islanders struggle with prices at the pump, high taxes, cost of living and inflation, we need to send someone to Washington who knows and understands how to get our economy moving again. The insiders have failed us. 

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